• 5 Megawatts (6700 HP)
  • Diameter = 8 meters
  • 12 Carbon Fiber Fixed-Pitch Blades
  • Max rpm ≈ 250 @ 310 kph
  • Inspection completed each day

Heat Exchanger

Our heat exchanger enables the tunnel to test in temperatures ranging from 10-50 degrees Celsius to maintain constant temperature, which is key to accurately measuring acoustic performance. Vehicles are made of steel, aluminum, plastics, carbon fiber, and other materials, which all expand and contract at various rates with temperature. The heat exchanger enables engineers to understand those effects from a wind noise and aerodynamic perspective as well as provide consistent temperature control for repeatable data.

Flow conditioning

After passing through the heat exchanger, the air goes through several conditioning vanes and structures to calm and “straighten out” the air, to establish laminar flow. A honeycomb structure (left photo) is one of the final flow conditioning stages before passing through the nozzle and into the test section.

Test Section

  • Usable Size = 3 meters x 5 meters x 15 meters
  • Variable Nozzle Area
    • 25 square meters = 250 kph/155 mph
    • 18 square meters = 310 kph/192 mph
  • Acoustic Environment < 57 dBA @140 kph (87 mph)
  • Modular Ground Plane System (Wide Belt, 5-Belt, Acoustic Cover)
  • 180-Degree Turntable

HALO Wind Tunnel

Welcoming new customers!

Where Smooth, Sound Innovations are Made.

Your testing needs met in one unique facility, equipped to test aerodynamics, acoustics, and racing characteristics.

From open-road simulations to aeroacoustic and vehicle aerodynamic development, we are here to work with you. Our team of experts will provide insights into your complex engineering designs.


Innovate with Confidence

With a turntable capable of 180 degrees of rotation, testing cross-wind and tailwind configurations is a breeze.

Innovate with Confidence

Precision frontal vehicle measurement is captured via a laser and camera system to feed into the overall aerodynamic calculation.

Innovate with Confidence

The tunnel is able to test in temperatures ranging from 10-50 degrees Celsius while maintaining constant temperature and humidity, which is key to accurately and consistently measuring acoustic performance. Vehicles are made of a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, plastics, and carbon fiber, which all expand and contract at various rates. The heat exchanger enables engineers to understand those effects from a wind noise and aerodynamic perspective.

Innovate with Clarity

Acoustically, this is the one of the quietest wind tunnels in the world. The 502-microphone array pinpoints noise sources with precision. There are also 54 microphones for in-vehicle sound source detection.

Innovate with Clarity

We can create a visual map of the sound, pinpointing its location. This system’s accuracy is within five centimeters, enabling your team to achieve rapid and accurate noise source identification.

Innovate with Clarity

Our wind tunnel can help optimize aerodynamic performance of race cars competing in various motorsport events, especially the Indy 500! Our ride height system provides a means to test performance vehicles at varying height, pitch and roll without the need to make modifications to the suspension.

Innovate Efficiently

We have a five-belt rolling road system designed for the development of production vehicles.

Innovate Efficiently

We also have single/wide belt system designed for testing high-performance sports cars and purpose-built race vehicles.

Innovate Efficiently

Our wind tunnel is also home to an aerodynamic research consortium of Honda, The Ohio State University, and TRC. The tunnel has been designed so that setup, changes, and reconfigurations are possible in very short times to maximize the number of tests in a given day. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

Virtual Tour

Check out the innovation we offer throughout our facility.

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Test Section
Heat Exchanger
Flow Conditioning

Confidentiality is Key

We have designed our facility and procedures to ensure strict confidentiality for every wind tunnel customer.

  • Customer confidentiality managed though vehicle corridor badging & doorways.
  • Customer bays are self-contained with their own restrooms and kitchenettes.
  • Each customer bay comes with ample, private office space.
  • Guest wi-fi and conferencing room are provided.

Explore the TRC iAERO Consortium. Email us.
HALO is Honda Automotive Labs of Ohio.

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