A team as results-driven and innovative as the facility they’re running

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We have the best of the best on our HALO wind tunnel team, with experience and focus, passion and talent. They don’t see “no” as an option, which makes them perfect for the kind of challenges you’re facing.

Mike Unger

Mike Unger


Responsible for all wind tunnel activities

Mike strives to push the HALO Wind Tunnel to be the catalyst to spur breakthroughs in aerodynamics.

Over 30 years of aerodynamics and management experience

Chris Combs

Chris Combs

Business Strategy Lead

Responsible for all wind tunnel activities

Chris aims to explore new business opportunities and strategic advances for the wind tunnel’s business side.

Over 25 years of test equipment and strategic project management experience

Tim Savage

Tim Savage

Customer Account Manager

Responsible for all customer interactions

Tim is the face of the wind tunnel to customers, and assures that the customer experience is 100% satisfactory.

Over 30 years of automotive development experience and testing labs operations

Tom Ramsay

Tom Ramsay

Research and Technical Lead

Responsible for wind tunnel research endeavors and technical expert

Tom’s quest is to make sure anyone who uses the wind tunnel gets the expected data and results, especially as relates to quality and repeatability.

Over 30 years of experience in aerodynamic testing and simulation

Jimmy Przeklasa

James Przeklasa

Operations Lead

Responsible for wind tunnel operations from the control room to the back shop

Jimmy assures consistency in data collection from the wind tunnel operations standpoint. He also specializes in troubleshooting.

Over 20 years of wind tunnel operations and creative problem solving in wind tunnel situations

Elden Shell

Facilities and Maintenance LeaD

Responsible for all facilities and maintenance

Elden makes the “stay online” mindset a reality, making sure that the impact of different areas is understood and that there are spare parts onsite.

Over 30 years of facility and maintenance leadership

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We’re here to take your wind tunnel experience to the next level.